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Thread: 1989 Mazda B2200 Lowering?

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    you could flip the ball joints in the front. basically you remove the lower ball joints, and grind the "hump" off the lower control arm and bolt the ball joint on top of the LCA as opposed to underneith it. this mod is good for about a 1.5" drop. also remove your rubber bump stops in the front and you will probably find your torsion bar drop will be a little more. Flipping the ball joints, turning the torsion bars down, 3 inch lowering block, and removing a couple of leaf springs is usually good for a 5/7 drop. SHALAMMED

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    help lowering

    to lower the front end cheap you have to lift the truck in the air, find the torsion bars, at the rear end of the torsion bars there will be a large bolt and nut connecting it to the crossmember. you have to remove the nuts on each one then pull off the rear piece of the torsion bar. rotate the piece you took off then slide it back on and tighten the nuts back up. you could just loosen the nuts without removing the end piece and turning it but if it gets snagged on say a speed bump then you'll be looking for a new/used torsion rod. (cause the end piece will be pointing down rather than tucked into the frame)

    and lifted trucks are for guys who need help getting it up!

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    I just PM you what I sent you will help big times. Also welcome and howdy from TEXAS.

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    in search

    hey does anybody know a link to get a billet grill for a mazda b2200 because i want to cutomize it into my chrome grilll, please help

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