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Thread: '92 Nissan 4 cyl problems

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    '92 Nissan 4 cyl problems

    My son has a '92 nissan, 4 cyl, 2WD that starts fine with normal high idle, after warmup it cycles from high idle to almost stall and then back to high idle, then stall (continuous cycle). Motor was replaced last year and the cycling was minor but as of late it is nasty, didn't do it with previous motor. (I don't see him that much). I figure it must be a harness problem, but I just need someplace to start. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Mark

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    could be vacuum or EGR related. get a can of cleaner and shoot around the rubber lines and intake to find any vac leaks.

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    could be IAC. spray some carb cleaner in the throttle body and clean it really good. i had the same issue and cleaning the throttle body and iac valve fixed it.

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