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Thread: fuel sending unit ?

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    fuel sending unit ?

    I have a 1987 Toyota 4x4 pickup, 22r carb. engine. It has two seperate fuel sending units, one for the gas gauge and one to connect 3 fuel lines. I need the one to connect the fuel lines. I can't find one anywhere! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    i think your looking for a fuel pump, not a sending unit. not familiar with toyota though.
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    Thank you for your help mudseeker, but this truck has a mechanical fuel pump, located on the left side of the head. The only thing on the bottom of the "sending unit" is a strainer. The other "gas gauge sending unit" just has wires attached, to work the gas gauge. Thanks again!

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    What you are looking for is most likely the pickup tube. In anf EFI motor it's probably called the sending unit with the fuel pump end everything on the pickup tube.

    The lines are send and receive and 3rd is probably a breather line. My 86 only has 2 lines that I can see.

    Not sure wher you can get one. Check ebay, , dealer and junk yards.
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    Thank you for your response, 390fe, I was hoping you would, it seems that you know about toys. You are right about the fuel lines,send , receive, and breather line. I wish partsdinosaur had one, I recently bought a timing chain cover from him, and it was one of the quickest, transactions I have ever had on the net. I have searched "pickup tube" for this truck, to no avail. I have even searched a whole new gas tank, but can't find one that includes the pickup tube or sending unit or whatever it is! The problem with mine is the lines have holes rusted in them, of course right where they turn into the top of the unit. I'll probably have to go to the dealer. Last time cost me my left and right nut! I use this truck mainly for hunting and fishing and getting places nobody else wants to go. Sooo its worth it! When I get it going, I'll be looking for a little bit of lift, and rims & tires. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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