1986 D21 4x4 locking hubs conversion to manual hubs possible?

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    Helping my friend with his truck and my realm of expertise is more in domestics. Can anybody tell me if it is possible to convert the automatic locking hubs on the D21's to manual hubs? If so, who makes them and what all is entailed i.e. do you simply disconnect the electric button on the dash, are there any modifications necessary to install the manual hubs etc. And if not, are used automatic hubs the only route? He already called the dealer and they said the hubs are no longer available. Thanks in advance for your input.
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    This is only thing we have ...Simple really. You remove all the parts that are labeled auto locking free running hub and save the snapring. Install the body of the Warn hub and install the snapring into the outer grove on the axle shaft(you will see 2 grooves and the auto hub uses the other one) then install the cover of the hub making sure that it is aligned properly. Then your done. Should take less than 30 min per side to do with standard hand tools. Most wheels won't even have to be removed to do it, but you do have more room to work if they are off..... ll the stuff under the auto-lock area comes off. It was super easy, the bolts were not too tough to break using the wooden handle of a hammer as an impact driver on a long 6mm allen key. Once the snap ring is off, the washer and cupped washer come right off....the bearing washer with the set screws in it remains on the hub!! The parts practically slide off on their own, and the hex head cap screws look nice! [​IMG]Pull the entire auto hub and the snap ring off. The lock washer with the two screws stays. Put the inner part of the warn on and then put the snap ring on on the outside most grove of the shaft. Then put the second half of the warn on and you're done!
    This is all hope it helps ..why would he want to swap auto..get out in mud to lock the manuals oh well to each his on.
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    I was taught for stubborn allen screws use a deep well socket and some extensions to get some leverage on them, I have tried this and it does help.

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