Edelbrock 1406 - How do I adjust the fast idle correctly?

Discussion in 'GMC Truck Forum' started by myteemyk, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Edelbrock 1406, elec choke.
    I think I've been trying to adjust my fast idle wrong. I placed the idle screw on the correct step on idle cam and checked rpms. Fast idle was at 900. But when I pump the pedal in the morning or open the throttle under the hood, the screw rests almost at the highest point on the cam. Do I turn the screw in farther so that when the throttle is blip'd, it catches the cam step and unable to go any further?
    The install book says to place the screw on the cam step and adjust for correct rpm, which I did. Now the motor races in the morning, so I know its not correct. Between this and the elec choke, I think I've found what has been causing the poor inconsistant starting. Just seems that if I turn the screw in further, it will catch that step and not allow the cam/choke to close all the way.
    Also, the elec choke cap was loosened too far and the metal unwound. I've tried to I guess rewrap it and put it back together, but then there's too much force holding the choke closed?:no: I left it loose and it works.The housing marks are just way off.
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    There is a secondary idle adjustment screw for your (fast idle) cold starts you either need a special screw driver (offset) or do how I do it. Its been a while... but if you look there will be a screw pointing upwards (impossible to adj.), but with the engine off open the throttle fully and you can loosen the screw and check fast idle. I like to set the choke manually other wise after a couple of times the fast idle drops down a step or too.

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