how to replace turn signal switch

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    I have a 97 chevy s10 4x4, the hazard light and headlights are fudged up. I can see that the turn signal lever on the left of the steering column has a problem with the turn signal lever/switch. I'm not sure if I am using the right name for it, so hopefully you know what I'm talking about. I can tell you that the hazard lights on/off switch broke a while back and I squeezed a screw down the side of it to keep the Hazard lights off. I have sense noticed the the screw was wedged against a copper conductive tracer and I think this effected the head lights some how and made the turn signal unit defective. I took the steering console cover off and dash board cover off and I can see the turn signal switch which I also removed but I don't see how the wires disconnect. I have re connected the switch so I can drive the truck.

    So what is the trick here?
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    Welcome to the forum gfann18.
    Be cautious about working around airbags.

    Turn Signal / Multifunction Switch

    Removal & Installation

    To Remove:

    Exploded view of the turn signal/multifunction switch [​IMG]


    These models are equipped with a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), which uses an air bag. Whenever working near any of the SRS components, such as the impact sensors, the air bag module, steering column and instrument panel, disable the SRS, as described in this section.
    1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. NOTE: Make sure that the turn signal switch is in the OFF (center) position.
    2. Disable the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system.
    3. Remove the steering wheel.
    4. Remove the two pan head tapping screws from the lower steering column cover, then tilt the cover down and slide it back to disengage the locking tabs.
    5. Remove the lower steering column cover.
    6. Remove the two screws from the upper steering column cover, then remove the cover.
    7. Remove the wire harness strap, then remove the two harness straps from the steering column wire harness.
    8. Remove the screw and disengage the steering column bulkhead connector from the vehicle wiring harness.
    9. Unplug the connectors of the switch from the steering column bulkhead connector.
    10. Remove the two pan head tapping screws.
    11. Grasp the multi-function turn signal switch assembly, then remove it by carefully pulling it straight outward.
    To Install:
    1. Install the turn signal switch assembly, using a small blade screwdriver to compress the electrical contact and move the assembly into position. NOTE: The electrical contact MUST rest on the canceling cam assembly.
    2. Connect the two pan head tapping screws, then tighten the screws to 53 inch lbs. (6 Nm).
    3. Attach the connectors of the switch to the column bulkhead connector.
    4. Connect the steering column bulkhead connector to the vehicle wiring harness.
    5. Connect the two wire harness straps to the steering column wire harness, then install the wire harness strap.
    6. Install the upper steering column cover and tighten the screws to 12 inch lbs. (1.4 Nm).
    7. Install the lower steering column cover, then connect using the two pan head tapping screws, tighten to 53 inch lbs. (6 Nm).
    8. Make sure that the lever is in the OFF (center) position.
    9. Install the steering wheel.
    10. If equipped, install the horn pad.
    11. Activate the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system.
    12. Connect the negative battery cable.

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