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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Forum' started by J84chev, Jun 30, 2010.

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    so when i bought my truck the guy gave me a rear slider that will fit in there to replace the rear solid window i heard that its not very hard to change them at all just wondering if anyone knows the steps or exactly how to do it the seal on the slider window is good so i wouldnt need to worry about changing that just wonderin if it is something i can do by my self or if i will need to take to a glass company
    any help and insight would be great thanks
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    This is as easy as pie to install and to remove. When you learn how to remove the entire window, you will ask yourself why you even to bother locking the doors.

    Ok, so you start with the corner. Usually the lower corner of either side is easiest to start.
    Pull the corner or the aluminum, and the rubber will stretch. You can help the along with some sort of tool that will not scratch the paint, and will not cut the rubber.
    I actually use a wood carpenters pencil. I can usually use this to pull the rubber away from the cab, and it is strong enough to pry without snapping. The wood prevents scratches to the paint.
    Once you work the corner, simply move your way around placing pressure on the aluminum frame. It will pop out once you get it moving a little.
    In a matter of seconds, the entire window will come out, and you are ready for the new glass.
    Clean the rubber as well as the cab, and use some string. Regular landscaping string, or the string used for masonry or something like that. I have even used 14AWG stranded wire with success.
    Anyway, install the rubber around the new glass / slider assembly.
    Then lay the string inside of the rubber groove where the pinch weld of the cab would set. Leave the string ends at one corner of the glass / slider.
    Once you have the string all the way around, lay the glass and rubber as if you were installing it right on the entire pinch weld.
    Apply pressure to the top of the glass (having a friend is critical here)
    Go inside of the cab and start pulling one end of the string. Notice the rubber pulling around the pinch weld, and beginning to seat properly.
    Continue slowly as your partner applied pressure. make sure that the entire flap of rubber seats around the lip of the pinch weld.
    In a matter of moments the entire rubber will be properly seated on the welded lip, and the install is complete.

    This actually took me longer to type than it take to install.

    I sure hope my caveman instructions make sense.

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