Sonoma is smoking and leaking coolant

Discussion in 'GMC Truck Forum' started by travisr528, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Jul 8, 2011
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    Ok let me start at the beginning. One day I was driving to the store about 1mile from my house. I noticed that the smoke was coming from under the hood and the temp was about 245-250 degs. I quickly pulled over popped the hood to inspect. I noticed white smoke coming from the back of the engine. I was low on coolant and my oil was a quart low as well. I filled them both and drove home. I drove home with the ac off so I could listen for any unusual noises, just before I pulled into my driveway I turned on the ac and then my truck died. I notice the water pump was leaking through the weep hole when i got home and parked.

    Ok so I replaced the thermostat (failsafe) and the water pump. Worked fine for about a week then I noticed it started run a little hot again. Coolant was low again. I filled the coolant again in both the radiator and the reservoir tank. The next day I started the truck and noticed white smoke pouring out the tailpipe. I started driving and within 5 minutes or about .75 miles it stopped. That evening I got home removed the thermostat and found that it had failed in the open position. Oh another thing I forgot to mention is after replacing the coolant when I changed the wp and t-stat I hear a bubbling noise from the reservoir tank every time I turned off the truck. So I bought a gm t-stat to replace again. While I was working under the truck I notice the coolant was leaking on the right side of the engine and could follow it where it was dripping but I can not see where it is originating from, it is not coming from a hose or a connection from what I can tell. I don't see any oil in the coolant and I don't see any coolant in the oil. The leak seems to be on the engine it self. Is this possible?

    I am also experiencing rough starting and it sounds like it is sputtering when I first start it up. I give it some gas and it sound better. I change the plug, wires, and coil packs with no improvement.

    Any ideas as to what is wrong? Please help me.
  2. kronhenry

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    Apr 21, 2011
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    you didnt pour the coolant in while it was hot did you if so its possible you may have cracked the head or the block
  3. leolkfrm

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    sounds like at least the head gasket is blown, pull it and have the head checked
  4. chevychase

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    Yeah sounds like you have a gasket blown... leaking into cylinders ... but not oil side.
    May have warped heads when you got it hot.
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    You could try stop leak.My grand am started leaking 3 years ago and hasn't had a problem since.

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