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    1. tenfive67
      Several have said you are the one to speak to about this project. Thanks for any input you may have in advance.
      Im getting ready to start a project. 83-86 GM crew cab short bed 4x4. Ive thought of two possible approaches, find a non dually 4x4 long bed and move the axle up and put the short bed on the truck. these trucks are not that plentiful though. Another idea was to buy a dually and convert it back to non dually wheels and change the bed/move the axle up etc. I think the fuel tanks may be an issue as well when converting to a short bed. In the front if I removed the adapter/spacer that is used with the dually wheel can I just bolt a normal 8 lug wheel to it and it be spaced properly? Sorry to ramble on so much.
      Thanks again,
    2. Canadianmike03
      Hey dude, just wanna say thanks for the help with diagnosing my "Squeak" on my truck. I'm 95% sure it is my water pump, and that neat trick you told me to do, worked like a charm. Thanks bud!!

    3. myteemyk
      Hey thanks for the response. I'm new to trucks with minimal mechanics. I research everything I've had to do so I can learn, get experience, and save some money so every little bit of info helps. Thanks again.
    4. 75K30
      Hey, thanks buddy.
    5. gpmorgan
      happy birthday 75!!
    6. bigA512
      can i swap a 5 speed manual transmission to a 4l60 automatic in a 92 chevy 1500
    7. lortec
      might want to edit your last statment about "you got fired for this repair" to say, "the boss screwed up your job, and mistakenly fired you" again, I was working on another car when he put the yoke on and tightned it really tight with a impact wrench.
    8. ELIEL32
      Question about 2002 F350 7.3, I wanted to know if you could lead me in the right and safe direction as far as wheel adapters go. I just bought wheels and tires, size is 37x13.5x18, before that I had 37x12.5x17, now the new wheels rub on the sleeves and shocks only when I turn the wheel more then 80% or turn 50% and susppension drops due to a bump on a drive way ect. I will absolutely need spacers to correct the problem on my 8 lug wheels, how ever is there an option to install just spacer with out the bolts they come with, they dont feed me confidence, so I wanted to know if the re-drill of my existing bolts on roter would be replaced with longer bolts to support the roter,adapter and wheel from the inside out ????? thanks in Advance.
    9. Crmzendrgone
      That would work, I'll look this weekend and see what I can find
    10. Crmzendrgone
      Cool, I will look for them. thanks!
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    May 16, 1971 (Age: 47)