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    1. brad4eva
      sup buddy, before my dad passed away he bought a cowl for his truck and i conned him out of it but he g ot a nice truck in th e deal 2 but the guy that had the hood said it was a show hood costing around 700$ i bought it for 400 off my dad and thats all i could honoestly tell you i've tried to look up the hoods and no i don't live in alberta i live in TN , near tricities
    2. stumpuller454
      i would contact all the local auto accesory shops, another thing to do is look for an auto parts store, sometimes they are able to get in body parts. i found a place in GP that is an autobody store, they could get me a goodmark 2" hood for $450 (which is a decent price. i`ve tried for ever to find a used one, nobody gets rid of the dang things!

      good luck!
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