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    1. Crmzendrgone
      Hey you get outa here, hahahahhahahahahaha
    2. gmctrucks
      Look at these head units.
      Enjoy! GMC
      Alpine 3DA-W880 Car CD Player, Cd-Rw, Casset, (New) - eBay (item 170439412113 end time Feb-03-10 18:14:09 PST)

      Alpine CVA-1004 Nearly NEW - eBay (item 320481035843 end time Feb-04-10 12:42:40 PST) Maybe this will work for you.
    3. Crmzendrgone
      How do you post pictures in your post with out it being an attachment.
    4. Crmzendrgone
      So you seem to know your way around car audio when replacing factory speakers I have noticed GM has four pin connectors, I think when I replaced my the new speakers only had two so I think I just put the wire into each connector pin untill I got sound then splice and use butt connectors to those lines. But my question is what are the other two for. I will have to take pics one day cause one of my Sony 3 ways sounds blown or static-ing.
    5. Crmzendrgone
      Ya 2000 is pretty good around here to I am trying to convince the wife. I am giving her a choice, hand gun or camaro. I till I know which is cheaper but I know which one I can have fun with. The fact she doesn't want me to have a gun hopefully leans her to a camaro.
    6. Crmzendrgone
      did you read why something about rod bearings for that price and looks i would buy it and fix it. that had aftermarket parts too
    7. Crmzendrgone
      How about this beaut.
    8. Crmzendrgone
      For real on the Price that is a steal!!! I know what you mean about funds. I might have to treat myself to an early valentine present.
      I know what you mean about the 80s agreed Flock of Seagulls. Righteous thats so radical :DLOL

      Berlinetta really anybody that wanted any camaro wanted the IROC-Z the even look better than the Z-28s. They seemed smoother to me.

      Ya I think your right about the camaro bogging at one point you could see the backfire or something like that. FORD what a ratard. That jeep tried his little heart out the first time.:bow:

      YOUR WELCOME, Hey the rep points aren't just to show that you know what your talking about they are also to show that you have good advise, may not be right hahahaha:hah:
    9. Crmzendrgone
      and another
      YouTube - Gettin rid of the old skins
    10. Crmzendrgone
      Thought you might enjoy this
      YouTube - 1986 CAMARO IROC-Z and Z-28
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    1966 Chevy PU and 2002 Chevy Silverado
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    My Truck's Current Status: It's a Chevy 2002 Silverado 1500 extened cab Z71 4X4 with a 5.3 Vortex 2 1/2 " exhaust with a flow master and dual chrome tips. 166,000 miles (mainly highway miles). Rebuilt trans. Recently replaced water pump, oil pump, fuel pump and timing chain. Auto page alarm with remote start and truck cab temp feature on pager. Low profile tool box. Leather seats with some electric features. It has a 9" suspension lift made by Extreme Suspensions sitting on 37x13.50x17 Toyo M/T with weld Aluminum rims. It has the Pro-tec composite box with 2003 tail lights. Rear end was re geared with 4.56 gears for better gas mileage. Also a Warn Trans4mer grille/brush guard with winch mount that's not installed yet.(Will add rail mount roll bars or at least a light bar.)

    Future plans: Roll 'n' Lock Cover, Re gear front end and re install driveshaft. Doug Thorley Headers, high flow cats(MAYBE or none) Flowmaster Series 40's true dual or X exhaust. Bully Dog Programmer and a 400HP


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