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    1. fatimakadjo
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    2. mrjohnwayne
      hey bud sorry for not getting back with you sooner. have had a lot going on. Im sure you know but your chip was delivered on the 7th.
    3. mrjohnwayne
      no prob bud. I'll try to get with him and see what the hold up might be.
    4. mrjohnwayne
      did you order it straight from total diesel performance? Tony does work a normal job, so if he doesn't answer right away be sure to leave a voicemail. I'll try to get a hold of him to see what's up. What's your full name?
    5. mrjohnwayne
    6. mrjohnwayne
      sorry I didn't explain the difference between the settings.

      1. Stock - A stock allocation for the factorys stock ecm settings. Really don't need it because you can just remove the chip to get back to stock.
      2. Economy - A light tune that will give you a little more power over stock but is written to give better fuel economy.
      3. Hi Idle - Not meant to be driven in. This will Idle the engine up to around 1200 rpms to keep egt's in a safe range if you will be idling for extended periods of time, also good for keeping the truck cool in the summer, or warming it up in the winter.
      4. Daily - A good tune for daily driving. probably a 50 hp gain over stock. Will give you much better throttle response all across the board.
      5. Tow - good for towing. Will dump more fuel on the low end to help build boost faster in the lower torque curve. Approx 50 hp over stock
      6. Heavy Tow - Same as general tow but a little heavier on the fuel. approx 75 hp over stock.
      7. Street - A nice heavy tune for performance. Will also give better economy if you can keep a light foot, but most tunes will do this as well if you can keep a light foot.
      8. Extreme - All out race tune. Not good for daily driving. Only good for running down the strip. Not really a good choice unless you have more mods in the motor. Really does no good on a stock motor.
      9. Sled Pull - All out tune for sled pulling. Pretty much the same as the extreme tune.
      10. Smoke - All this tune is good for is rolling coal. I don't like these tunes my self but they are still out there. I don't mind blowing smoke, but there is a time and place for it and that place is not on public roads because it will be the end of diesel performance...

      Also please understand that with stock fuel delivery, injectors, hpop (high pressure oil pump) and turbo you will not see the full benefits of these programs, but you will still see a significant increase over stock.
    7. mrjohnwayne
      you can get a chip straight from Tony. Unless you can find a used TS for a decent price it will be the same cost buying a new ts chip and paying to get it reburnt or buying a new chip form Tony.

      The settings I would run on a chip would be

      1. daily
      2. tow
      3. heavy tow
      4. street
      5. hi idle

      Also, if you are going to run a chip you really need to run a set of gauges. 2 most critical gauges are EGT (exhaust gas temp) and Tranny temp. You don't really need a boost gauge but it is nice to keep track of.

      You already have a 4 inch exhaust running to the stacks right?
    8. mrjohnwayne
      hey bud, I added a post to your thread. I'd still fully recommend Wildman but there are 2 other links there also you can check out.

      Do you have any specifics you want to know about?
    9. mrjohnwayne
      I commented in your post.
    10. Gladiator9152
      oh ok just wondering. cuz i have a programmer in my truck and its superchip. i got it a while ago but just wondering if that will make smoke come out. but thanks for letting me know.
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