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    1. Oldmech
      Thanks. RL isnt being real kind to the family, so havent been around as much as I would like...
      snows howling outside today so in where its warm!!!
    2. onthethreshold
      thats cool , you seem to take an interest even with the novices " being kind here LOL " but nice to have you as a friend .
    3. chevychase
      Thanks for the request.
    4. onthethreshold
      Make a few full throttle runs in high gear at moderate rpms (like 2500- 4500) and keep an ear out for vibration or detonation rattle (ping). If you get a rattle, back off 2 degrees till it stops, then 2 more. you can adjust the static timing at idle after the inital setting. Re attach the vacuum line and take a test drive. If you get a rattle on steep hills, back off the timing 2 degrees at a time til it stops, then another 2 degrees.
      I highly recommend an adjustable vacuum advance canister as well. If you use one, remember the little allen screw in the vacuum canister works backwards, you screw it in all the way, then back it out until you get detonation, then screw it in 2 turns. i find 10 turns out to be a good starting point. Adjustments can be made 2 turns at a time to get you dialed in.
    5. onthethreshold
      I just run it and if it starts to ping under load then adjust the vacumn can .I bring all the timing in fast on mine for the best performance.If you get your hands on an adjustable advance timing light try to get 32 degrees at 2500 rpm and if it pings back the mechanical back 2 degrees at a time until it quits then you can play with the can if you wish .I'm lazy too /LOL
    6. chevychase
    7. myteemyk
      when you say yu have vac advance backed all the way out, do you mean to where it's advanceing right off the bat?
      I'm asking because I just ordered a crane adjustable VAC. My manifold vac holds steady at 18hg. and I'm wondering where I should set the VAC at. I've been reading and slowly understanding the concept(s) of manifold vs. ported vacuum, and advance curves.
      I switched over to manifold vacuum, bumped up the timing to 12BTDC (lazy mechanic), used the 2 medium springs in dizzy.Need to change out weights/bushings but looking for advice on how to properly dial this thing in. It's much better than before.
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    1979 K-10, 355 , homebrew cold air ,blueprinted HEI ,Edelbrock 1904 795 CFM,4:11 12 bolt corporate positraction rear,10 bolt 4:11 corporate front, 350 turbo np 203 transfer case .