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    1. semaj
      hi sir, i have a big problem,i have a 1994 gmc suburban c1500 350 5.7 l engine and is trying to change the tbi to carburetor and put the engine into a 1986 chevy caprice 2doors,ive gotten the ectrice fuel pump,motor and frame mounts,holley 600 cfm carb.,but is having trouble with the intake fitting the engine,i ve went threw 3 diffrent ones and has just ordered a edelbrock 2104 intake hoping it will work,i would be thanks for any help on how to get this to work because ive invested alot of time and money in trying to get this to work,thank you semaj
    2. Sneakysportsman
      There ae 2 wires in the oil pressure circuit that will need to be jumped. If you are going to use the factory gauges. If using aftermarket gauges you can bypass completely.
    3. BIG HAL
      BIG HAL
      Hello I was told you have experience with TBI to Carb swaps? I swaped out a 4.3 V6 in my 1992 Chevy truck and installed a 468 I am currently using the stock in tank fuel pump but I keep having to replace the fuel pump oil pressure switch every couple of months? Anyway I want to bypass the oil pressure switch. Is it possible?
    4. Sneakysportsman
      They are in the 97 Z71 in the pics. I have the seats, driver side bolts right up. The passenger side will use 2 of the four bolt holes in dual front seat trucks, If you want the heat to work you will have to rewire the plug on passenger side, driver side will plug and play. The console will bolt right up with 2 extra selftapping screws up on the trans hump. It has the 500 watt bose amp, sub-woofer, and the 6disc changer. For the changer to work you will have to rewire the harness to the Factory Denali radio(just reconnect colored wires). It won't work with the original truck radio. I also have the Denali speedometer, Blue numbers-white needles and 0-120mph instead of 0-100mph.
    5. Wyley87
      the picture that you have of the leather seats and console...what vehicle is that in? the reason i ask is that iv'e been looking for a center console like that for some time now to no avail
    6. co15say
      do you have anymore vortec intakes for sale?
      I just wanted to say thanks again for replying so fast to my message. I replaced the steering sensor and now my truck is driving like new! Its funny that a $40 part and 5 mins of labor corrected something I thought would have been alot more serious. I was almost ready to start replacing all of my steering components.

      Thanks again!

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