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    1. jessewd10
      Also where'd you get the manual dealer?
    2. jessewd10
      I Have a brake switch input b circuit low code but i have the specs for the cruise harness and i tested it to see if the brake switch was working properly and it was it only sent power to the cruise module when you pressed the brake but i have the radio that becomes louder as your speed increases and it does not work either
    3. jessewd10
      Stump I was reading previous threads about cruise control issues because I have one in my 96 k1500 ext cab 5.7
      In your one post you said you have a 52 step process
      Where did you get that manual that tells you the process
    4. ntrowbridge
      Well I havn't started, but I would like to eventually put a 4x4 frame under my truck. I just don't know anything! Being ignorant of such a task makes it difficult to get started. Also being 22 and working and going to school doesn't make it any easier. Its going to be a stung out project, but I figure the best place to start is the frame. I need to figure out which frame is going to work with the longer wheelbase of the 3600. I just need help all the way around it would appear.
    5. ntrowbridge
      I was refered to you by another guy on here saying you have had some experience putting a K5 under a Chevy pickup. I have a 3600 to be exact, and I just was wondering if you had any advice? Thanks
    6. Bigredmariner
      I have been laying low.
    7. Bigredmariner
      Hey Bud, long time know sea.
    8. willie harvell
      willie harvell
      i have a question on the thermal actuator. i have read some of your responses and done what you guys have said but i am getting no four wheel. i have the 12 volts at the actuator and it extends out. it does not kick the light on are engage the front wheels. i believe that the ball switch is good because it is sending power to actuator. what else could it be?
    9. Crmzendrgone
      You seem to know a lot about mods in the form of tunes. What can you suggest for a 1992 TBI350. Some one I knew had a hypertech chip(I think that is the brand name) and he said it was a waste of money. I saw you suggest Black Bear Performance but they are for 96+ so any thoughts on 92s?
    10. bahrkodu
      hey so fyi bought one of those cowl for $400 and it is sick unlike anyones ive seen around here i think it is well worth the $400
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