1955 ford with a V8 302 Engine

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    Hello friends. I hope I don't make anybody mad cause I'm posting for my 1955 ford station wagon that has a 302 motor in it.I know this is for trucks only but since 302's are used in a lot of fords,I thought I may have some help with my problem. Here is what I have. I went out for a drive locally on sunday and after 30 minutes on the road,I heard a loud noise.As soon as I was able to,I pulled over to the side and checked to see what may be the problem.I lifted the hood and noticed that the bottom radiator hose had busted and leaked all the water from the Rad.It was just a couple of minutes when it happened and I shut off the engine so the engine did not overheat. So, my son brought me a new hose,I replaced the hose,filled up the radiator with new coolant,and than drove home.I was only about a mile from my house when it happened. So, yesterday I went out for another drive and after being on the road for about 20 minutes,the engine started to act like it was running out of gas.I had just filled up the tank sunday so it had plenty of gas. I waited for about 15 minutes and the engine started right up.I headed home but after about 3/4 of a mile,the engine again started to hesitate in and out like starving for gas. I tried one more time and it started but drove only about 1 mile and quit again. I decided to call my son to come over with his toy hauler to haul me home.
    This morning I ran a pressure test on the mechanical fuel pump and it shows 8.5 psi. I think the normal is between 4-6 psi. I never had any vapor lock problems before but I know anything is possible. Since the hose was busted and the engine ran for a little bit before I shut down and the water pump was sucking up air instead of water,is there anything that might of got damaged from this happening? Like I mentioned,the engine did not overheat.I have a nice under dash temp.gauge and it never showed a high reading at all. Oil is clean,no signs of water in it.
    Can any of you help with tips or suggestions with this problem? I was going to replace the fuel pump anyway but will wait for your suggestions. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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