2016/17 Dodge 1500 Air Ride Vs GMC Denali Ultimate Magneride

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GMC Mangeride, or Dodge Air Ride?

  1. GMC Magneride

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  2. Dodge AIr Ride

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    Sep 4, 2016
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    So I'm currently driving a 2010 F150 Lariat 5.4L 2wd supercrew w/about 117k miles.

    I tow 5-8000lbs of trailers and motorcycles every month or so, so I'll get the tow package, whichever way I go.

    Drove a 2016 dodge 1500 laramie longhorn (I think) with air ride and the 5.7 hemi. Very nice truck. I swore about 10 years ago I'd never buy another dodge, but I had an almost base 2016 dodge as a rental for almost a month, and it was VERY impressive... so much so that I went and looked at and test drove several dodges this last week. I really like the Laramie, and I really REALLY like the Rebel.

    Problem is that right before my F150 ended up in the body shop for a month, I was about to buy a 2016 Denali Ultimate. 90% of the reason I was going GMC this time is the magneride...

    This will be a 4wd, btw.

    2016/2017 Dodge Laramie w/leather, 4x4, super crew, nav, 5.7 hemi, auto, standard (6.5ft) box, air ride.

    Might get a Rebel... not sure if I think they look super cool, or silly...

    So... for those of you who have knowledge of both, which should I get, and why?

    robert in West Texas

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