A New Tool for those of us with Air Ride!

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    Ok, been around so long, cane remember the rules on this, but more tha one manufacturer has stepped on getting read from the dealer only.

    My 2005 Yuki XL Denali has Air Ride. When most people say to take it out, I disagree. The new stuff has life time warranty's and it's super easy to work on except....getting the codes.

    Now I have an Autel Maxi Something for Brake Bleeding, but it's 1k to get something to go to the other modules. Autel has released a new scanner, software based for like 275 bucks that goes into all of the modules including auto ride. I went with iCaresoft, they are dedicated to the brand, GM, BUT ONLY $113. Bucks.

    I have same day Amazon, so I bought both, and really no difference other than Autel does more cars. So I went with the iCRplay. I put a new system in last year. Popped a code, pulled it in seconds on the 05' it was a sensor done bad. Arnott sent me anew one free. It also has the regular stuff for bleeding since to get the second Channel flushed on the ABS, you need a tool. You can find them everywhere.

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