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Discussion in 'Toyota Truck Forum' started by Bronco.gen1, Feb 6, 2018.

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    I am new to the Toyota forum but have found them to be very helpful for other flavors of bikes, trucks, cars etc.
    I purchased a 91 SR5 with the intention of flipping it. That was a couple of years ago, and due to my kids vehicles or their friends vehicles always being in the shop this old dog just hung around as a backup. Now it has some issues that just bug the heck out of me and I am looking for help from some of you that know Toyotas.
    As mentioned, it is a 91 SR5. I have come to understand that in it's day this was a pretty well equipped unit. It has the V-6, Automatic, AC, Cruise Control, Power Windows, Ext Cab, with sunroof. It starts and runs great and doesn't use a drop of oil. The issues are minor, but I am a picky old guy that like things to run as they were designed.
    #1. I can't get the dome lights to work. I've read about a buzzer under the dash by the steering column being unhooked that can be an issue, but I can't see anything unhooked. I have the dash apart and don't feel as if I have missed something for lack of finding it. There is also a plug on the top of the fuse box that causes issues if unplugged...it is secure as it should be. The door button actuators are both functional and working properly. The bulbs are all good. I don't have a wiring schematic
    #2. The cruise control won't work. I know it did work at one point. The light shows up as CRUISE on the dash but it will not engage.
    #3. The push button lock control on the driver side will not return the doors to the unlocked position. The passenger side works properly. I took the unit apart and adjusted the rockers inside thinking they may just not be making contact.. No luck. May be as simple as installing a new controller.....just not sure.
    #4. The radio won't make a sound. It worked at one point. Comes on but no sound. Perhaps the output units are blown, in which case an old replacement unit is my easiest least expensive choice. Am wondering if there is a factory amp unit hidden somewhere that has loose wires or is blown.
    Enough for now. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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