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    We're testing out a new theme for the Truck Forum. As you can see, it's still in beta. I suggest you check it out on all the different sections of the website, as well as on your phone/tablet. Notice if you scroll down and then back up, you get a mini-menu. There's lots of nifty little features that you'll only notice after playing with it for a while, so please give it a chance. If you really don't like this theme, there is a way to switch back to the old one until we work everything out.

    You can go back to the old theme by scrolling to the very bottom left and clicking on the box that shows "xv1" with a dropdown arrow. Then you will have the option of selecting the old theme, "fav2." So for now, we have 2 themes, xv1 and fav2, and you can freely switch between them.

    You can let us know your thoughts by replying to the thread linked to below in Forum Help.
    -->> New Truck Forum Theme <<--

    Thank you for using the Truck Forum!
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