Transmision 4L60e

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    BA79CE06-432B-49D6-82F9-D9DFAB16FDEE.png 3037B73D-0E6C-4AB8-B43F-1A4188CD0620.png Hey guys my Trans is almost new but I was checking out ebay and I see this Trans for $1025.00 free shipping which isn’t bad now when you take your Trans to a shop more than likely they just replace what went out that’s why they don’t last long now I bought mine at o’Reillys auto parts but it has the same warrenty as this one and this seller has a 100% good feedback

    eBay Item # 332326733458

    Yes you do have to ship back your core which you can ship it out from a Fed/Ex terminal it cost much less or pay for the core.
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